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Education of Little Tree
--Some of it is sad, some of it is hilarious, some of it is unbelievable, and all of it is charming. It is the story of eight year-old Little Tree who loses his parents and goes to live with his Cherokee grandparents during the Great Depression. He learns his culture and way of life. Cast: James Cromwell, Joseph Ashton, Graham Greene, Tantoo Cardinal. $??, 180 Minutes.

Honesty: featuring The Indian Cinderella-PBS (animated)
--1996; To escape blame for breaking his father's camera, Zach concocts a story-instead of telling the truth prompting his friends at Plato's Peak to help him "focus" on the importance of honesty. Zach's appreciation for this virtue is clinched when he heeds the lesson imbued by "The Indian Cinderella", who's honesty is rewarded by love. $12.98, 30 Minutes.

Indian in the Cupboard
--1995; Nine-year-old Omri magically brings his three-inch toy Indian, Little Bear, to life. They embark on an amazing adventure filled with wonder and excitement. Terrific family entertainment....magic....a fine lesson in humanity gives the film true heart. Cast: Frank Oz, Litefoot, Hal Scardino. $14.99, 98 Minutes.

Island of the Blue Dolphins
--1964; A 19th century Indian girl becomes stranded on a remote island off the California coast. Based on a true story. This adventrue will be especially interesting for seven to twelve year-olds. An inspirational experience. Cast: Celia Kaye, George Kennedy, Larry Domasin, Pomo tribal members. $59.99, 99 Minutes.

Last of the Mohicans-Animated
--1975; During the French and Indian War of the 1750's, the last of a Mohican tribe struggle to rid the forest of the evil Indian Magua, who is allied with the French. Magua captures the girls Cora and Alice who are rescued by Hawkeye and Uncas. $12.99, 48 Minutes.

Squanto: A Warrior's Tale --1994; A young Indian warrior is kidnapped by 17th century English traders and exhibited as a wild man back in England. The story of how he escapes and returns home. Makes an enjoyable Disney family adventure. Cast: Adam Beach, Eric Schweig, Alex Norton, Mandy Pantinkin. $12.99, 97 Minutes.

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