Contemporary Documentary

Contrary Warriors
--1986; Weaves critical events in Native American history into the lives of present-day Crow Indians. Focuses on the remarkable life and achievements of tribal leader Robert Yellowtail, who saved Crow land and culture from obliteration. Contrary Warriors is a moving, sympathetic and, at times, uplifting portrait of the spirit of the resilient Crow Nation. Peter Coyote narrates. $29.95, 60 Minutes

Incident at Oglala
--1992; In 1975, armed FBI agents illegally entered the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Gunfire erupted--a Native American and two FBI agents fell dead. After the largest manhunt in FBI history, three men were apprehended--only one, Leonard Peltier, was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. Robert Redford and acclaimed director Michael Apted present his story which may be one of the most outrageous abuses of justice in American history. $19.99, 90 Minutes.

Navajo Code Talkers
--1994; From 1942 until 1945 the United States Marine Corps recruited over 400 Navajo Indians for duty as communication specialists. They devised an unbreakable voice code to transmit battlefield messages during the Pacific Campaign. Includes 1940s archival footage of Navajo life and interviews with Navajo Chairman Peter MacDonald and Taos artist R.C. Gorman. $24.95, 55 Minutes.

Navajo Weaving

Paha Sapa
--1993; The powerful Emmy-nominated film tells of the Lakota's struggle to get their sacred lands back from the United States government. The story is told by members of the tribe including descendants of Red Cloud, Sitting Bull, and Black Elk. The Black Hills land reclamation has become a symbol of what the Indian has lost and is trying to regain, but is also about what the white man lost, a primal sacred connection to the land. $29.98, 60 Minutes.

Peyote Road: Ancient Religion in Contemporary Crisis
Native Americans-TBS--Written by Hanay Geiogamah and Michael Grant. --1993; Addresses the United States Supreme Court "Smith" decision, which denied protection of 1st Amendment religious liberty to the sacramental use of Peyote for indigenous people. Examines the European tradition of religious intolerance....Explains how the Court's decision put religious freedom in jeopardy for all Americans. No ceremonies were recorded for this production. $29.99, 59 Minutes.
Southwest Indian Artists Series --This series is unique in that the producers went into the homes and studios of everyday artists who work in their homes. There are no pretentions about this series. They are homey and warm, enabling the viewer to feel like a welcome visitor. ( 7 Videos )

Baskets: Papago and Hopi Indians
vol.#1--This tape visits nine different weavers and shows in detail the making of the traditional coil baskets. $19.95, 31 Minutes.

Jewelry: Navajo, Hopi and Zuni Indians
vol.#2--Watch silversmiths make beautiful jewelry in a home environment from raw materials, using the simplest of tools and equipment. $19.95, 34 Minutes.

Kachina Dolls: Hopi Indians
vol.#3--What are Kachinas? How did they develop and why? Who makes Kachina dolls? Who are the Hopi and where do they live? This tape answers these questions and more and was made entirely on the Hopi Reservation. $19.95, 33 Minutes.

Navajo Rug Makers: Navajo Indians
vol.#4--Meet the Dineh, the people who weave Navajo rugs and see where and how they live. Rug making starts with sheep and their shearing, and with the carding and spinning of the wool. Learn how to recognize a real Navajo rug. $19.95, 38 Minutes.

Pottery: Pueblo and Navajo Indians
vol.#5--Learn to identify pottery from different tribes and how to tell genuine, traditional pottery from molded or ceramic pottery. $19.95, 48 Minutes.

Pueblo Storytellers: Pueblo Indians
vol.#6--What is their history and how did they develop? Who makes them and how? Who are the Pueblos and where do they live? This tape answers these questions and more and was made entirely on Pueblo reservations. $19.95, 33 Minutes.

Sandpainting: Navajo Indians
vol.#7--Where did sandpainting originate? Who makes sandpaintings? Who are the Navajo and where and how do they live? This tape answers these questions and more and was made entirely on the Navajo reservation. $19.95, 33 Minutes.

Way of the Warrior
--1997; Acclaimed Hollywood stuntman Henry King believes a mysterious "warrior" spirit enables him to find the precise moment in which to act. Now at age fifty, this Cherokee father wants to impart his spiritual heritage to his 14 year old son. He takes the boy on a "vision-quest" to his people's ancient homeland near Sedona, Arizona. $19.98, 50 Minutes.

Wiping the Tears of Seven Generations
--1992; In December of 1990, 300 Lakota Sioux horseback riders rode 250 miles in two weeks, through bitter sub-zero winter weather, to commemorate the lives lost at the Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890. This video relates the story of how the Lakota Nation mourned the loss of their loved ones for 100 years. Inspired by dreams and visions of unity, a group of Lakota decided to bring their people out of mourning through a ceremony known as a Washigila; "Wiping the Tears". The Bigfoot Memorial Ride was that ceremony. $29.99, 60 Minutes.

Wolf Nation
--Since the ice age, the destinies of the Northern Arapaho Indians and the gray wolf have been intertwined. Like the fierce, magnificent wolf, Native North Americans were also banished from their natural habitats and watched their populations nearly disappear. Wolf Nation celebrates historic moments of rebirth for both. $19.98

Your Humble Serpent
--1996; In this portrait of a contemporary American Indian leader, the late Reuben Snake speaks out on ecology, sacredness, intuitive thinking and "The Rebrowning of America". Here is Reuben Snake, who turned humor and humility into leadership, practicing what he preached: that leadership emanates from respect, humor, and compassion. $29.99, 70 Minutes.

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