Self Improvement Titles

American Indian Sweat Lodge Ceremony with Bill Elwell
--1989; $40.00, 87 Minutes.

How to Trace Your Native American Heritage
--1998; Discover your Native American Heritage. This guide helps you search out the path of your ancestors and establish your roots within the Circle of Life. Learn how to obtain your tribal membership, research the Dawes Rolls. Obtain you CDIB card. Lists over 500 federally recognized tribes. Offers internet sites to assist your search. $24.95, 31 Minutes.

Native American Healing in the 21st Century
--1998; Learn from today's respected physicians the crossover of ancient native remedies to present-day medical practices. Explore healing plants and herbs. Compare the similarities of Native American and Chinese healing. Many herbal healing remedies. $24.95, 34 Minutes.

Primal Mind
--1996; Join acclaimed author Jamake Highwater as he explores the differences in how American Indians and people of a western or European heritage experience themselves and their environments. An exciting journey into alternative realities. Illustrated through contrasting views of art, time, architecture, medicine and dance. Discover how contemporary artists fused primal and western ways of thinking to create break-throughs in modern art. $19.98, 58 Minutes.

Red Road to Sobriety
--1995; The contemporary Indian sobriety movement combines spiritual traditions with modern medical approaches to substance abuse recovery. American Indian health practitioners and traditional medicine people reveal the importance of tribal values and spiritual awareness in the recovery process. The driving force of this documentary is the positive spirit emanating from the Indian people interviewed. Narrated by Benjamin Bratt (Law and Order). $29.99, 90 Minutes.

Red Road to Sobriety: Video Talking Circle
--1995; In a talking circle, a participant holds a sacred Eagle feather while talking about whatever is on his or her mind. During this time, all other participants listen respectfully, encouraging the speaker to open their mind and heart. When finished, the speaker passes the feather to the next person in the circle. Consisting of eight 15 minute segments this video is designed to be used as a prevention and recovery tool by individuals, clinics, programs, schools, and youth groups. $29.95, 120 Minutes.

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