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On the Powwow Trail
Coloring Book

This activity coloring book is a companion to the hugely popular "On the Powwow Trail" video, and focuses on the preservation of Native American Indian customs, traditional dress and dance. $2.99.

Rainy's Powwow

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In this tale of self-discovery and acceptance, a young girl learns that she must listen to and follow her own heart. This engaging story celebrates a vanishing way of life that embodies the long-standing traditions of being welcomed into the powwow family. Written by Linda Theresa Raczek, illustrated by Gary Bennett. $15.95, hardcover.

The Buffalo Jump

Angry that his older brother is chosen to be the buffalo runner who lures the buffalo to their deaths, Little Blaze, the fastest runner of his Blackfeet tribe, must overcome his resentment when his brother's life is endangered. Written by Peter Roop, illustrated by Bill Farnesworth. $14.95, hardcover.

Between Earth and Sky--Legends of Native American Sacred

Through the guidance of his uncle and the retelling of various Native American legends, a young boy learns that everything living and inanimate has its place, should be considered sacred, and given respect. Written by Joseph Bruchac, Illustrated by Thomas Locker. $7.00, softcover. $16.00, hardcover.

Coyote--A Trickster Tale from the American Southwest:

Coyote, who has a nose for trouble, wants to sing, dance, and fly like the crows and insists that they teach him how to fly. The crows agree but soon tire of Coyote's bragging and boasting. They decide to teach the great trickster a lesson and the experience ends in disaster for him. Written by Gerald McDermott. $6.00, softcover. $14.95, hardcover.

Home to Medicine Mountain

The story of two young brothers who are separated from their family and sent to live at a government-run Indian residential school in the 1930s--an experience shared by generations of Native American children throughout North America. At these schools, children were forbidden to speak their Indian languages and made to unlearn their Indian ways. Sadly, they were often not able to go home to their families for summer vacation. Written by Chiori Santiago, illustrated by Judith Lowry. $15.95, hardcover.

Ininatig's Gift of Sugar--Traditional Native Sugarmaking

Describes how Indians have relied on the sugar maple tree for food and tells how an Anishinabe Indian in Minnesota continues his people's traditions by teaching students to tap the trees and make maple sugar. Written by Laura Waterman Wittstock, photographs by Dale Kakkak. $6.95, softcover.

Fort Chipewyan Homecoming--A Journey to Native Canada

Twelve-year-old Matthew Dunn learns about the traditional ways of his Chipewyan, Cree, and Metis ancestors on a trip to Fort Chipewyan, in Alberta, Canada. Written by Morningstar Mercredi, photographs by Darren McNally. $6.95, Softcover.

Northwoods Cradle Song--From a Menominee Lullaby

In this poetic adaptation of a Menominee Indian lullaby, a mother sings her little warrior to sleep by describing the natural world around them. The whisper of the night winds, the call of the whippoorwill, and the silken wings of the moths all come together to lull her little one at bedtime. Written by Douglas Wood, illustrated by Lisa Desimini. $5.99, softcover.

Red Bird

Katie, also known as Red Bird, joins her family and other Indians at the annual powwow in southern Delaware, where they celebrate their Nanticoke heritage with music, dancing, and special foods. Written by Barbara Mitchell, illustrated by Todd L.W. Doney. $16.00, hardcover. Price???, softcover.

My Navajo Sister

A white girl (Sparrow) lives for a short time on an Indian reservation and forms a close bond with a Navajo girl (Genni). Sparrow is taught to embrace the Navajo spirit, and together they climb canyon walls, collect shells, ride horses, and dream about the Ancient Ones. Written by Eleanor Schick. $16.00, hardcover.

Yellow Shirt & Black Necklace

The long-ago story of the Meadow Lark bird, who enjoyed visiting and keeping everyone informed about the good things of life. The Meadow Lark would sing about it so all the beings of the world would know about it. The creator came to learn about the good things the Meadow Lark was doing and blessed him with a shirt of yellow and a necklace of black to proudly show while he sings a summer song. Written by Long Standing Bear Chief, illustrated by Tom Gilleon. $8.95, softcover.

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