American Indian Teepee
--The Missouri, Yellowstone, and Big Horn rivers in the upper Missouri River basin supported large numbers of Native American Indians. The universal use of the teepee and culture of these tribes date back beyond written history. Dependent upon thebuffalo for food, clothing, and shelter, the tribes were nomadic and had to have a portable dwelling to use for quick travelling. This video also looks at the modern teepee and its use. $17.95

Cherokee Basketmaker
--This tape shows the creation of a traditional basket by noted Oklahoma Cherokee basket maker, Ella Mae Blackbear. Taped on location at Ella Mae's home, the program follows Ella Mae as she gathers native buckbrush and plants for dyes. As she reminisces about how she learned to weave from her mother, her agile hands transform buckbrush strands into a graceful basket. The history of Cherokee basketry is documented with holdings from Tulsa's Philbrook Art Center collection. $19.95, 24 Minutes.

Loom Beadwork
How to Bead Native American Style Series. --1994; Learn how to make a beadwork strip. Create your own designs. Step by step instructions. $19.95, 25 Minutes.

Lazy Stitch Beadwork
How to Bead Native American Style Series. --1995; Step by step instructions to quickly learn Lazy Stitch. Your completed project is a beaded bag. $19.95, 30 Minutes

Peyote Stitch Beadwork
How to Bead Native American Style Series. --1996; Learn zig-zags, fancy shape designs, and advanced Peyote Stitch. Step by step instructions to complete a key chain. $19.95, 38 Minutes.

Medallions: Running Stitch Beadwork
How to Bead Native American Style Series. --1996; Create a starburst medallion using single-needle appliqué stitch. Bead curved lines and floral shapes. Step by step instructions. $19.95, 30 Minutes.

Two Needle Appliqué Stitch Beadwork
How to Bead Native American Style Series. --1996; Learn to use the two-needle method for Northern Plains appliqué. Bead curved lines and floral shapes. Bead on cloth or leather. Step by step instructions. $19.95, 30 Minutes.

How to Make a Native American Dance Shawl
--1997; A symbol of respect and tradition, a shawl is always proper for women in the dance circle. See exciting examples of design ideas and special fringe knotting techniques. $19.95, 29 Minutes.

How to Make Moccasins
--1997; Simple teaching methods show you how to make a pair of authentic Plains Indian hard sole moccasins with examples of different tribal styles. $19.95, 30 Minutes.

How to Put Up a Teepee
--This video will show you step by step visual instructions with site preparation, layout and marking of poles for the erection of Crow style teepees. It will also show you how to tie the foundation poles together and the layout of the canvas covering. $17.95

Plains Indian War Bonnet: History and Construction
--1998; Explore the history and significance of the war bonnet from its beginnings with warriors on the Plains of America to becoming a symbol of Indian culture around the world. $19.95, 50 Minutes.

Pointy Side Up
--This step by step instructional video teaches one person how to set up an eighteen foot tipi. Informative and entertaining this video shows you how to mark the tripod, adjust the smoke flaps and more...The methods you see in Pointy Side Up are quite possibly the easiest way to set up your Sioux style tipi.

Quill Working With Sharon Dews
--$24.95?, 55 Minutes.

Ribbons of the Osage
--Before her death in 1986, Georgeann Robinson had become internationally known for her mastery of Osage ribbonwork. The program highlights three generations of the Robinson family as they prepare for the annual In-lon-ska dances in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Georgeann displays some of her finest work and talks about how important it was to her to pass along Osage traditions to her children and grandchildren. $19.95, 28 Minutes.

Scarlet Ribbons
--This is a classic work on American Indian ribbonwork. It includes an explanation of Plains style ribbonwork and templates for various ribbonwork patterns. This video also includes easy to follow instructions for multiple ribbonwork patterns for dresses, straight dance suits, shawls and many other projects. Color photos, with easy to follow sewing and quilting instructions. $21.95

The Strength of Life
--Knokovtee Scott has revived the ancient art of shellwork and is nationally known for his purple mussel shell jewelry. Much of his work draws on design motifs from the Mississippian Mound culture that flourished a thousand years ago throughout the southeastern United States. The video also features a visit to a famous mound builders site, Spiro Mounds State Park, led by Oklahoma State Archaeologist, Dr. Don Wycoff and includes excerpts from a traditional Creek Green Corn dance. $19.95, 28 Minutes.

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